Monday, May 27, 2013

Review of DSM Textbook Tabs and Tips!

So I decided to purchase the DSM Textbook Tabs in order to help me quickly find specific disorders.  Here is my honest review and feedback.  I will also include some helpful tips in case you also buy these DSM IV-TR tabs.

I purchased the DSM Textbook Tabs from  The price was $9.95 for the tabs and $3.99 for standard shipping + tax.  I received them five days after purchasing them.  I figured $15 was a good investment to help me feel more organized and simplify the almost 1000 page DSM IV-TR.

The tabs come on 4 separate sheets which act as a guide to place the tabs in the right place.  The instructions say to fold the perforated top edge of the sheet and hold this over the top of the book.  Also, make sure you push the left side of the sheet all the way into the spine.  You take off the tab and line it up with the correct color next to it.  Make sure you are on the right page number!  I got too enthusiastic at first and forgot to switch to the next page number, but I was able to take the tab off and put it on the right page without tearing the book. 

One issue I ran into was the sticky part of the tab sometimes ripped off if  I peeled the tab too fast or from an angle.  I found that the best way to peel off the tab was to pull it straight back to the left .  Once I started pulling the tabs off this way none of them ripped.  I also recommend holding down the top perforated edge to make sure you are placing the tabs in the right place.  Without holding the sheet down the sheet does not stay in place.    

The most challenge part was putting on the tabs at the end of the book with sheet number four.  I could no longer just lay the book on the floor to put the tabs on because the perforated top edge was hitting the floor and not staying aligned.  In order to fix this problem I held the back of the book up and also held the sheet in place when placing the tabs on the page.  This made it much easier!

Overall, it took me about 30 minutes to put all the tabs on, but I was being extra careful.  I love the colors and the way the different disorders are organized.  I am really glad I decided to buy the tabs and I'm sure they will come in handy!  As an added bonus, putting the tabs on was a good review of all the disorders!

The website for the DSM Textbook Tabs system is ( I think the website is currently under construction). 

*** I am not affiliated with this company.  Everything mentioned are my honest thoughts and opinions!

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